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Multi-Unit Management

Sonmar Management “SM” is a full service hotel management, marketing, construction, and development company. We have been in business for almost 40 years, and we have developed and managed over 50 hotels during this timeframe. The types of properties we manage have included mid-market without food and beverage, mid-market with food and beverage, and mid-market extended stay. We have developed or managed hotels with Intercontinental Hotels Group “IHG”, Choice Hotels International “Choice”, Hilton, Wyndham, and numerous independent brands.

As owners and operators of hotels, SM has achieved a remarkable success story. Since its inception, SM’s dual focus on cost minimization and revenue maximization has ensured that profitability of our hotels is well above the industry norms. Our sophisticated and modern information management systems form the basis of our highly efficient and effective organizational and corporate structure. The cultural diversity of our personnel is our strength. Our employees' commitment to excellence drives our success.

SM is committed to running hotels that achieve maximum profit to our owners and maximum satisfaction to our guests. We take great pride in achieving high quality and inspection scores as well as high guest satisfaction and loyalty marks for all of our hotels. Our Candlewood Suites property has continually ranked in the top 10% for overall satisfaction of all Candlewood Suites properties throughout the United States. We also had high rankings for our Holiday Inn Expresses and our Comfort Inns. SM has been recognized as a previous winner of Choice’s Franchisee of the Year award. SM has also received numerous Quality Excellence Awards from IHG and numerous Gold and Silver Awards from Choice.

Support Staff

SM has a full office staff located at 15 Broadway N., Suite 604, Fargo, ND 58102. We have been in our existing location for over 18 years. All operational, human resource and accounting functions are run out of this office. We also have one Operations Vice President out in the field who visits all of our managed hotels regularly and communicates with us regularly. Our experience in all functions of the management process is deep, and we use state of the art software and communications. We employ only highly motivated and bright people to work for SM, most who have many years’ experience in there related positions. We also use a very progressive bonus program for not only managers and directors of sales, but also for the entire staff:

1) General Manager Program

a. Candlewood Suites
b. Holiday Inn Express
c. Comfort Inn
d. Hampton Inn & Suites
e. Hilton Garden Inn
f. Microtel Inn & Suites
g. Ramada

2) Director of Sales

a. Extended Stay
b. Limited Stay
c. Full Service

Additionally, a 401(k) program is available.


Sonmar Management has its own in-house construction department called Sonmar Construction. We are experts in hotel and apartment construction. Our company has a combined construction experience of over 50 years, and we have built close to 60 hotels during this timeframe. Experienced project managers run each job and have extensive hotel construction knowledge of all types of building structures. All project managers are very involved in every project and spend a lot of time up front with the various sub contractors in order to minimize uncertainties and questions regarding the blue prints and brand specifications.

Hotel Receivership

SM takes immediate control of the asset, verifies cash balances and inventories on hand, assess current and future employee and human resource needs, and implements accounting procedures and cost controls that will provide the court and the lender with accurate and timely financial reports.  We then go to work on stabilizing the asset and developing a detailed business and marketing plan to improve the asset's performance which will allow the lender to dispose of the asset at the highest available market price in the shortest amount of time.


SM provides complete support to companies under contract in the following areas related to the accounting function:

1) Accounts Payable – On a weekly basis, hotels submit to SM invoices properly coded (according to the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry) and approved for payment. These invoices are processed and payment is sent to the respective vendors within that week, ensuring payment is made on a timely basis. All supporting documentation is retained by SM for the period required by general record retention rules. The hotels are also required to retain copies of all invoices, thereby maintaining the ability to respond to vendors’ inquiries or disputes on any billing issues.

2) General Ledger / Financial Statements – SM prepares full financial statements (Balance Sheet, Statements of Profit and Loss & Cash Flow Statements) monthly. SM submits monthly to the hotel management detail of the activity flowing through all P&L accounts. Also on a monthly basis, SM personnel review hotel performance with hotel management. The focus of these meetings is on the previous month’s performance while also forecasting 30-60-90 days into the future.

3) Payroll – The SM payroll function is shared with Payroll Professionals, a Fargo, ND based payroll company. Payroll is processed semi-monthly (1st – 15th paid on the 22nd or the previous day if the 22nd falls on a weekend or holiday; 16th – EOM paid on the following 7th or previous day if the 7th falls on a weekend or holiday). All payroll input is required to be submitted to SM on the day following the end of the given pay period to allow for adequate time to turn around the completed payroll to the hotel by the related pay date.

4) Accounts Receivable – The accounts receivable function is managed by the individual hotel’s management team. The Accounts Receivable Aging Reports are reviewed by SM monthly. As individual accounts begin to move into 60+ days outstanding, a discussion is held with hotel management to ascertain collect-ability and potential adjustments to those companies’ credit worthiness.

Human Resources

SM has developed an Employee Handbook that addresses all facets of issues employees face in today’s work environment. The Handbook lays out the basic fundamentals for fair and consistent treatment, expectations for their employment, and avenues which may be taken in the event they believe they have been mistreated in some fashion. The Handbook also describes all Team Member benefits available to each employee and the levels of employment related to each benefit.

SM hires experienced General Managers or promotes from within the organization when qualified individuals have exhibited the knowledge, enthusiasm and leadership skills required to perform those functions effectively. All General Mangers must attend and pass the required franchisor training prior to permanent employment with SM. The Vice President of Operations provides direct support to the General Manager in the hiring process for the rest of the hotel staff. He or she also attends all the training courses that the rest of the staff attends.

General Managers are required to maintain employee files at the hotel which contain all internally generated documentation and forms required by various tax authorities. Copies of these documents are required to be forwarded to SM, which ensures complete employee files are also maintained in the management office.

Food and Beverage

VP of Full Service Operations, Barimore S. Maring has over 15 years experience in all facets of food and beverage. This includes developing and managing two Uno Chicago Grills, 12 Subways, two Taco Del Mars, and one independent full service Italian restaurant. Specific management/development duties included complete design and construction of the entire facilities, including building, patio, kitchen, and bar; hiring and training of all staff; marketing and sales; weekly cost and inventory control; catering/banquets; and daily operations.

Training sessions included, in part, three months training at an Uno Chicago Grill in Denver, CO. Mr. Maring graduated from that program with a full understanding and knowledge on how to run all aspects of the full service restaurant. Uno Corporation is a large, very well organized franchisor which stressed high quality guest service and food quality. Strict cost and inventory controls were learned which included weekly food and liquor counts. Food cost was measured against an ideal cost based on actual purchases and actual sales. The variance of the actual cost versus the ideal cost is what is measured since changes in menu mix can dictate actual food cost. For example, stores that sell more pizza than steaks will have a lower actual food cost, but it still may not be operating as efficiently. Only based off an ideal food cost can this be ascertained.

Mr. Maring also attended the Subway and Taco Del Mar training sessions. Taco Del Mar has a very vibrant catering business serving between 20-400 guests at a time. This experience allowed my Maring to understand the critical areas needed to ensure that each guest received a hot (if applicable) and consistent meal quickly and efficiently.

An experienced full service food and beverage manager will be hired at each location, if applicable, who will attend that brand’s training classes before working for our guests.

Sales and Marketing

Historically, SM has hired experienced Directors of Sales “DOS” at the property level. Each DOS has extensive knowledge of the local hotel market and based on this knowledge, creates an annual Sales & Marketing Plan which is reviewed and approved by SM. The hotels’ General Managers & DOS are required to meet weekly to recap the progress made on specific goals set from the previous week’s meeting and establish a schedule and goals for the coming week. Weekly sales reports, including Sales Call Notes and Pipeline Status Reports, are forwarded to SM for review and follow up. SM requires that the DOS attend ongoing franchisor required and recommended sales & marketing continuing education sessions usually provided at the franchisors’ home offices. This process ensures each DOS is familiar with brand initiatives and is in a position to effectively sell the product under any economic conditions.

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